Every Youth Deserves a Trained Leader

A cornerstone of the Boy Scout programs is training. There are many opportunities available to youth at various levels to further develop. Some of these trainings will be conducted in your unit; some will be conducted by your district and council; and, others are available for you to work on by yourself.


Important Training Initiatives

Making sure our adult scouting training records are accurate and up to date is a very important step to insure quality program is being delivered to our scouting youth. When is the last time you have looked at your individual scouter profile? In the coming months our council will be embarking on a training initiative called “ALT” (All Leaders Trained). One of the things other councils have discovered in doing a training inventory, the very first step, is that records are not current or accurate. We are asking that all registered scouters look at their individual profile and correct any omissions and errors before August 1, 2014. It will certainly improve our Council JTE numbers and helps us develop a successful strategy to get all leaders trained going forward.

The really good news in this endeavor is the “Key 3” at all levels of leadership now have access to their units individual training records and can review and change these records for everyone in their units but themselves. So at the unit level, that means Committee Chairs, Scoutmasters and Organizational Reps now have the ability to do this. It is not necessary to go to council to get your units records accurate. It is extremely important that each unit make sure their training records reflect the actual current training status of every registered scouter. This decision to push this step down to the unit level is key to moving forward with “ALT.” So let’s not waste another day and get this done.

Access to these records can be attained through