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Calendar Key

Districts: BC=Bristlecone, EX=Exploring, HU=Humboldt, LS=Lassen, NS=North Star, OV=Overland, PN=Pinenut, PE=Pony Express, SI=Sierra, SR=Scoutreach,

Meetings: RT=Roundtable, DCM=District Committee Meeting,

Events: CMP=Camporee

Trainings: CLS=Cub Scout Leader Specifics, SMS=Scoutmaster Specifics, VCS=Varsity Coach Specifics, VLS=Venturing Leader Specifics, IOLS=Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills, OWL=Outdoor Webelos Leader, DCT=Den Chief Training, UofS=University of Scouting, TEDGE=Trainer's EDGE, NYLT=National Youth Leadership Training, WB=Wood Badge

Misc: OA=Order of the Arrow, Trng=Training, FOS=Friends of Scouting, NAC=Nevada Area Council, CS=Cub Scout, BS=Boy Scout, VS=Varsity Scout, Vent=Venturing