Name Position Phone Fax
Keith Ashby
Keith Ashby Scout Executive/CEO 775-787-1111 x-12 775-787-1114
Pat Dannenberg
Pat Dannenberg  Field Director 775-787-1111 x-21 775-787-1114
For Overland, Bristlecone and Humboldt questions contact Pat Dannenberg Overland, Bristlecone, Humboldt
Mike Langer
Mike Langer

District Director
Northstar, Pinenut, Lassen, Exploring/Learning for Life

775-787-1111 x-19 775-787-1114
For Northstar questions contact Mike Langer
Northstar 775-787-1111  775-787-1114
Ben Webster
Ben Webster Senior District Executive
775-787-1111 x-18 775-787-1114
Wade Hatch
Wade Hatch Senior District Executive
775-884-0838 775-882-5121
Katie Provow
KatieProvow District Executive
Pony Express
Benjamin Newman
Ben Newman District Executive
Scoutreach/Soccer and Scouting
775-787-1111 x-11 775-787-1114
Cilia Suhayda
Camping & Fundraising 775-787-1111 x-10 775-787-1114
Linda Brant
Field Secretary 775-787-1111 x-22 775-787-1114
Jeff Felsted
Jeffrey Felsted Business Manager 775-787-1111 x-24 775-787-1114
Dolores (Lori) Ruff
Registrar 775-787-1111 x-13 775-787-1114
Jessica Mahaffey
Scout Store Manager 775-787-1111 x-14
775-787-1115 (Direct)