Forms for Camp

What would camp be without the paperwork. Below you will find important forms you will need for camp.


  • 2015 Camp Staff Application:      Print PDF Version
    Looking for a rewarding and challenging summer job, apply for camp staff today.
  • 2016 Reservation Form If you haven't yet reserved your site for this summer, here is the form to do it now.
  • 2015 Shooting Sports Consent Form Please have one of these completed and signed for each of your Scouts/Venturers coming to camp. Also available in the Leader's Guide.
  • Current Annual Health and Medical Record (Medical Form Parts A, B and C) 
  • 2015 Leader's Guide Includes even more information about camp including additional programs not mentioned on the web site as well as additional forms.
  • Unit Roster You'll need 3 copies of this when you arrive at camp. Note: You do not need to use our form, if you have Excel, Troopmaster or other printouts, we will accept those. Also included in the Leader's Guide.
  • Camp Map Get your bearings and see where everything is located around camp.
  • Parent Promotion Night Agenda & Script Encourage parents to send their boys to camp. Follow the script and they will come.
  • Campership Application To be submitted by the unit committee for those requiring financial assistance to attend camp. (For Nevada Area Council units only)